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You have questions about link tracking. This post will intend to address those concerns and clarify what link tracking is and most importantly its purpose and benefit. If you are not yet utilizing a system to track your efforts, one should be carried out in your service as quickly as possible.

What is link tracking?

Usually, link tracking is achieved and maintained through making use of a software or online platform such as Google Analytics. Many individuals utilize online platforms of this type for standard information, however carry out more extensive tracking software applications in order to get a a lot more broad and precise introduction of their organisation. link tracking in email

Link tracking describes the process of recording and evaluating particular flows of traffic and their actions on the internet through a defined point, such as a URL. The purpose of this process is to improve and optimize web properties to achieve a wanted outcome and scale specific efforts efficiently.

link tracking in email

What are Example Uses of Link Tracking?

A few of the most common and truly efficient uses of link tracking services are as follows:

– Affiliate Marketers: track opt-in rates on landing pages from specific traffic sources e.g sola advertisements, bing advertisements, google ads and so on

– Email Marketers: Use link rotators to optimize clicks

– Youtube- shorten links and track the clicks from your Youtube Videos

Connect Tracking With Google Analytics

Google Analytics will give details on a site-wide basis, revealing which terms drive traffic to your site from search queries. This allows you to follow search trends that bring visitors to your web residential or commercial property. Link Tracking with a more extensive software permits one to track private visitors and their actions as soon as on your website. This is handy for tracking advertisements and affiliate provides specifically.

link tracking in email

Connect Tracking Software

Enables users to keep an eye on the source and quality of traffic across their entire digital marketing landscape. It’s an effective tool for tracking conversions and opt-ins from paid traffic to attribute cost per subscriber and ROI. Really, some softwares can even track organic traffic from any site. This permits one to develop customizeds links which reroute traffic to a URL of their choice while tracking and analyzing the clicks that pass through. Many software application enables the user to accomplish this through their choice of a custom-made domain supplied free or a current domain the user already owns. Although traffic tracking, analysis and optimization are the heart of the majority of link tracking softwares, depending on the level of your requirements, there are numerous robust software application offerings that will certainly meet even the greatest requirements.

Attempt a Link Tracking Software Free

If you’re ready to find out more about link tracking and implement it into your company, there’s excellent news for you! The # 1 suggested software for link tracking has an incredible free trial. The personal favorite we suggest for link tracking is ClickMagick. Prior to you attempt it out, take a look at a few of the amazing functions below that make it the favourite amongst many users.

ClickMagick Features

Here are some distinct functions of ClickMagick that sets it apart from its rivals. If you are thinking of a ClickMagick option take a look at these ClickMagick functions initially.

Automatic Bot Filtering, Click Fraud, and Traffic Analysis

One excellent feature of ClickMagick is its instinctive nature when it concerns the traffic flowing through each tracking link. It’s amazing to see a high volume of traffic flowing to one’s deal, opt-in page etc. however similarly is as important is the quality of the traffic one receives. ClickMagick breaks traffic down into three tiers of quality as a broad introduction of the basic health of the clicks a tracking link is receiving. In addition, the software will immediately filter out any bot clicks or suspicious IPs. There is likewise info on IP addresses and operating systems so a user may better understand their traffic.

Advanced Geotargeting

Optimize all kinds of traffic with sophisticated geotargeting. Send out traffic from certain countries to particular pages and show mobile traffic alternate pages to desktop traffic. These features allow the user to take full advantage of conversions from traffic and guarantee the highest revenues.

ClickMagick Popups – Magickpop Popups

ClickMagick consists of 5 various sort of turn up – “on load” or delayed, exit pops, and exit redirects – that you can contribute to ANY website. That’s right, any sight.

To benefit from the power of Magickpops, you don’t even require to own the site. You require no unique connections to website or it’s owners, and you actually do not even need consent! You can still collect leads, promote associated deals, provide perks, share video evaluations, include a countdown timer … all to encourage your traffic to opt-in to your list and purchase the stuff you’re promoting.


Nothing grabs initial attention better than an alert bar.

ClickMagick’s MagickBar technology allows you to add a notification bar to ANY website, that you can fully manage and personalize – including opt-in forms, countdown timers, and more.

It’s almost like getting an extra pageview with every click – totally free. Just like Magickpops, you do not need authorization or any unique connections to take advantage of the power of this function on any website.

Track whatever like a science and understand your numbers.

You’ve got to make the effort to style and setup an appropriate link and metric tracking infrastructure.

Frankly, if you do not put yourself in a position to make data-driven service choices about how and when to scale your affiliate provides, you’re simply not competing at a high adequate level.


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